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83.33% of our Property Investors Academy members make a quality investment property purchase within 90 days of the program.







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Frequently Asked Questions

So you can educate yourself about the academy before our chat, read through the key questions we get asked

The Property Investors Academy program gives you lifetime access to our training materials. You get 120 days access to our 'members only' Facebook group, where you can post your questions and attend Q and A Zoom sessions every week

We understand there are programs out there that offer lifetime access. We’re qualified real estate professionals and credit advisors. It is unrealistic for an expert / professional to give LIFETIME access and attention to every member. Instead our focus is speed of implementation. So you get the attention from your coaches and successfully make your purchase.

Google is a great path for you if you are happy to go down the rabbit hole of determining correct information from the incorrect, contradictory information.

The program is geared for speed of implementation, with content filtered to implement. Essentially it cuts to the chase rather than drowning you in disconnected information. So if you wish to dodge the mistakes and purchase a quality investment property at the soonest, this program is for you

What is a mistake worth to you? The program cuts through the noise and gives you the tools and framework. Purchasing even one RIGHT property, in the RIGHT location is what needs to be your goal. If you rinse and repeat this on multiple purchases, you have dwarfed the investment in the program

A typical buyers agency investment is around $11k to $15k PLUS GST per purchase. Whereas the knowledge and practical experience you gain through the academy can be rinsed and repeated. Ultimately you can guide your family and friends as well, what’s that worth?


We were asked this question when no body was buying and we are asked this question even when the market is hot!

What we know this, regardless of which political party runs the country, they will fight tooth and nail to not let the property market fall of the imaginary cliff because property is essentially the fabric of the nation and our economy. All that having been said, while we don’t have a crystal ball, what we can do is mitigate risk through education to make better choices – you know what they say, you can either time the market, or be in the market.

Our Onboarding process is deliberately structured to ensure that the Academy is a good fit both ways for us and our enrolled members, as a result we're fostering a safe space and a culture of trust among members. That having been said, time to time we politely decline enrollment where we feel it will not be a good fit, and once again, this works both ways.

Whilst we are buyers' agents, we understand not everybody can afford a buyer's agent and some people just want to learn the ropes so they can repeat the process over and over again.

When you join the academy you get an Onboarding 1:1 meeting with Sana and / or Mona. The group calls are structured so you get direct input from Sana and / or Mona. Every member gets an opportunity to get ask questions so you can be pointed in the right direction.

You get 120 days access to a members only Facebook Group. You can post your questions on the group and attend weekly live group sessions with Q&A. This way you not only learn from Sana & Mona but also from the questions others in the program are asking.

Yes, you can be offered extending access to the members only group and the Zoom call for a nominal investment.

Yes, whilst the name suggests 'Property Investors' Academy, we have first home buyers join to learn the fundamentals of correct property selection.

No! We dislike brand new  / off the plan properties. We do not have arrangements with developers or selling agents. We protect the academy environment fiercely and do not allow developers or selling agents getting access to our clients.



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